Michael J. Ferns

Michael J Ferns is a Scottish director who won a BAFTA when he was 17 and who’s work has been hailed as “brilliant” by the legend that is Peter Jackson himself! Michael J Ferns comes from a prestigious line of influential film people, his grandfather was the youngest ever director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival and director of The Film Council, so it’s not surprising a few strings were pulled on BAFTA awards night 4 years ago, um, very well deserved Michael.

In 2014 Fern’s was voted as ‘The Greatest Living Scot’ and ‘Scotland’s Greatest National Treasure’ in his hometown of Balfron (population 5). 2015 starts Michael’s TV career as he creates 28 episodes for the BBC, some more content, a few shorts and couple of awards thrown in the mix (c’mon Granddad). Exciting times ahead for the superlatively talented Michael Ferns, oh, sorry, J. Ferns (temperamental directors)…

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