Jul 17

14th July 2017

The Secret Diary of a Producer

Dear Reader, I hope you don’t feel misled by the click bait title – after all, when you Google 'The Secret Diary…' the first suggestion that comes up is '…of a Call Girl' – so bloody well done if you managed to resist the pull of temptation and have found...

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Jun 17

26th June 2017

7 award wins at the EVCOM Screen Awards 2017!

We’re very proud to announce that Pretzel & Peggy won 7 awards at the EVCOM Screen Awards 2017! We were recognised in 6 different categories and left the ceremony with one Gold, one Silver, 3 Bronze and 2 Highly Commended, see details below. Laurus Award - Gold: Smoking Kids by...

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Jun 17

13th June 2017

Top 10 Tips to Keeping Production Crew / Kids Happy

Having kids is like running a daily production. I call my crew my work kids because the similarities between them are uncanny. So here are my Top 10 tips to keeping your crew / kids happy. 1. Keep everyone fed and watered. This can prevent major meltdowns. Shooting days can...

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May 17

30th May 2017

Shooting on Location

From shooting an interview in an office space for a corporate film about the financial results of a company to filming on the peak of Mount Owen, New Zealand over which Frodo and the rest of the hobbit gang ventured in The Lord Of The Rings, there is nothing like...

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May 17

15th May 2017

Inside a Production company: A runner’s POV

Hello, my name is Alex, I’m a runner at Pretzel Films and I’m going to tell you about the weird world of a film production company from my position; the bottom. My job is unique in the sense that there aren’t really any boundaries in terms of job description. If...

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Apr 17

25th April 2017

Managing the social media of a busy production company

Like it or not, social media has positioned itself as a fundamental part of our everyday lives, infiltrating the way we view the world and the way we live our lives. This presents a whole new paradigm for communicating and selling online that’s vitally important for companies to adapt to...

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