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The Art of Good Direction

We are a strategic content agency committed to shaping compelling content that ignites curiosity, drives meaningful change, and mentors emerging talent. With a legacy spanning two decades, we seamlessly integrate creativity, delivery, and tangible results. We steadfastly acknowledge the significance of nurturing the next generation for the continual evolution of the craft.

Client Case Studies


"As an NGO cost is a huge factor for us, followed by creativity. We are looking for professionalism and a company who can keep reimagining our messaging. I know that Pretzel will deliver exactly what they say they will. They are always clear on when they will deliver and never go above budget."

St James' Place

We dispelled myths and heightened engagement on a divisive issue among SJP's 4600 partnered financial advisors, all achieved through an industry-recognised educational box set in the style of Netflix.

The issue: In order to maintain a forward-thinking stance and align with evolving ethical standards, SJP identified a key business objective: empowering advisors to advocate for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices. The challenge lay in the fact that many advisors leaned toward environmentally and ethically unsustainable investment choices due to their potential for immediate profits.

Our Approach: We initiated a research phase, collaborating closely with the responsible investing team, to craft an award-nominated L&D (Learning and Development) box set. This comprehensive set of materials focused on dispelling common misconceptions and equipping financial advisors with the knowledge and skills to provide more informed recommendations to their clients.

"We've received outstanding feedback on the episodes; it's work that we can all take pride in."

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Building lasting relationships

Pj BickfordJamie Davis, Antoine Du Valk (in Paris) and North America (MD announced soon!) prioritise strong client relationships as the cornerstone of outstanding content delivery. This means open communication, deep client goal comprehension, and unwavering commitment to their success. Pretzel builds trust and collaboration to ensure the content we produce matches your vision and engages your audience effectively. We aim to establish a partnership where you feel heard and valued, resulting in content that not only meets but surpasses your objectives.

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Is your content better now than it was this time last year?

Today, many of you will be at work, sat at your desk and making a decision about your next piece of content. We think when you make that decision, it might be good if you would ask yourself, is your content better than it was this time last year? Is your relationship with your supplier easier than it was a year ago? Is the creativity as fresh and engaging as it was this time last year? Is there more uptake on the content they provide than there was a year ago? Is your supplier giving you 100%? … And if you answer all those questions yes, then I think your choice is very obvious as to who you will use. If not, welcome to Pretzel.

Our Services


Content strategy is a detailed blueprint for crafting valuable content across diverse platforms. With you we target your audience, defining goals, content formats, and brand style, while analysing performance metrics for continuous improvement, ensuring alignment with your organisation's values and goals.

Film Production

Video content creation follows a series of steps. It kicks off with brainstorming and script development in pre-production. Then, logistics like casting and location scouting are organised, and a production schedule is set. Filming scenes, recording audio, and capturing visuals occur during production. After filming, we transfer footage to our edit suites for post-production. Here, software is used for clip arrangement, transitions, graphics, effects, audio synchronisation, and adding music and sound effects. Colour correction and grading are applied to enhance visual aesthetics. Finally, the finished video is exported into potentially multiple versions for multiple platforms.


Creating any animation involves key steps. First, a concept is developed to convey a message or story. Then, a script or storyboard outlines visuals and events. Once the storyboard is approved, production starts, requiring assets like characters and backgrounds. Animation follows, involving keyframes and in-between frames for smooth motion. After animation, elements are enhanced with colour, shading, and effects. Finally, the animation is rendered, sound or dialogue is added, and the finished piece is ready for output to multiple platforms.

Website Design & Development.

Creating a website involves multiple steps. We start with planning and identifying goals and the target audience. Then, design work focuses on the visual layout and user interface. The website is developed in-house using coding languages, with close collaboration on content creation and organisation. We rigorously test for functionality, responsiveness, and compatibility. After necessary revisions, the website is launched. Ongoing maintenance and updates ensure its security and user-friendliness.

Internal Communications

For twenty years we have been creating award winning internal communications for the whole spectrum of businesses and industry. Here are just a few examples of our capabilities:

One Team, United


We identify, nurture, and cultivate the most talented emerging individuals in our industry. Our team consists of highly creative professionals who excel in listening, effective communication, and close collaboration with our clients. We excel at managing expectations, staying within budget, and setting exemplary standards for client management.

20 Year Heritage.

Celebrating twenty years, we have transformed into one of the industry's most recognised and trusted content companies in the world. We are celebrated for our dedication to nurturing emerging talent and our steadfast track record of consistently delivering world-class, award-winning work.

Embracing Social Values and Sustainability.

Trees play a crucial role in mitigating greenhouse gases as they absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. By maintaining our woodland, we ensure that trees keep capturing and storing carbon, aiding in the reduction of CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Additionally, our responsible woodland management promotes biodiversity, wildlife habitats, and water conservation, thus enhancing overall environmental sustainability. Consequently, our wood not only offsets the carbon footprint generated by your productions but also contributes to a greener and ecologically balanced future.

One Team, United

"One team, united" is not just a motto; it is a call to action. It urges us to rise above individual interests and work towards a collective goal. It challenges us to bridge gaps, build trust, and forge connections.

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